Diverse Modernism | Modern Diversity

European cooperation project

On the first day of the kick-off event of the Triennial of Modernism / Triennial of Modernism 2022 in Berlin, actors* from selected future network cities will present the developments and local networks of Modernism and their dedicated work.

The Modernism is a progressive cultural heritage whose avant-garde architecture, art, urban and social developments are highly topical for the future of Europe and the resilience of values. With a planned European cooperation project, a path towards a "European Triennial of Modernism" (ETOM) is to be embarked upon, with around 40 partners* from some 15 countries, with a focus on Central Europe. Their common history of Modernism is based on a diversity of examples, sources, protagonists and - even more so today - on the diversity of actors working for the building cultural appreciation and for a sustainable perspective of Modernism . The actors face similar or comparable challenges as well as potentials and seize an opportunity with the trans-European cooperation to unite goals and address a common public.

Particularly today, in the face of war and attempts at division, as well as in awareness of the historical ruptures, the European architectural-cultural development of the Modernism and a lively exchange prove to be exemplary for cultural cooperation and cohesion, especially in Central Europe.

On the first day of the kick-off event, actors from selected future network cities will present the developments and local networks of Modernism and their dedicated work.

Collage with scenes from the first day of the Opening-event at the Czech Embassy on 30.9.2022 in Berlin, photos: Ben Buschfeld

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of the ETOM application are:

In Germany

Application submitted by
- zukunftsgeraeusche GbR (zkg), Berlin

In collaboration with
- buschfeld.com; Ben Buschfeld (BB), Berlin
- Goethe-Institut (GI), Munich
- Bauhaus-Kooperation (BHK)
- Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (LDA)
- Kunstbibliothek Berlin (KUBI)

European partners
(by nation in alphabetical order)

Czech Republic
- National Gallery in Prague (NGP), Prague
- Forum for Architecture and Media (4 AM), Brno
- Prague 7 District Municipality (UMC7)

- Hungarian Museum of Architecture
(MEM-MDK), Budapest
- The Hungarian Contemporary
Architecture Centre (KÉK), Budapest
- Budapest 13th District - city municipality (B13D)

- Estonian Academy of Arts - Institute of
Art History and Visual Culture (EAA-EKA), Tallinn
- Estonian Museum of Architecture (EMA), Tallinn
- Tallinna linn (COT), Tallinn City

- ICOMOS International Secretariat, Paris

- Museum of Decorative
Arts and Design (LNMM), Riga
- Latvian Design Centre (FOLD), Riga
- Latvian Ministry of Culture (LMOC)

- Kaunas 2022 (K2022),
Kaunas European Capital of Culture
- Nematerialaus Turto Fondas (NTF)
- Kaunas City Municipal Administration (KCMA)

- DOCOMOMO international

North Macedonia
- Contineo 2020 (CONTINEO), Skopje
- University American College Skopje - Privatna Ustanova - Department of Architecture (UACS)

- National Institute of Architecture and
Urban Planning (NIAiU), Warsaw
- Institute of Architecture Foundation (FIA), Cracow
- International Cultural Centre (ICC), Cracow
- Gmina Miejska Kraków - Urząd Miasta Krakowa (CCK), Cracow

- Asociația Română pentru Cultură,
Educație și Normalitate (ARCEN), Bucharest
- SG Studio - zeppelin magazine (SGS-ZEP), Bucharest
- Second District Hall of Bucharest (SDHB)

- Belgrade International Architecture Week (ABA-BINA), Belgrade
- ZAVOD - Zavod za zastitu spomenika kulture grada Beograda (Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade)
- Gradska opstina Novi Beograd, City Municipality (MNB), Belgrade

- Slovak Design Center (SDC), Bratislava

- Lviv Centre for Urban History, Lviv (LCUH), Lviv
- Urban Forms Center (UFC), Kharkiv